Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to School, Back to School....

Today is the first day of school...sigh. It means summer is over and we are stuck in town. I have been used to seeing my hubby everyday for longer than an hour and now I have to get used to him waking me up when he gets home. On the other hand, I am excited school is starting back up. C is teaching a new class this year and he is excited about it....ECONOMICS. I didnt like econ, but he loves it! I am glad to be more on a set schedule and I always enjoy meeting his teacher friends. C loves to be in the school system and I am so proud of him for the responsibility he takes on. We have a few other friends that are teachers and it is a tough job. You can be such a great influence if you choose to use your platform for it. We pray that God would allow you all to make a difference in the lives of kids that are in such a crucial time in the life.

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