Thursday, July 19, 2012

4 + 1 = 5!!!

We are now a family of 5!
Maris was born May 11th and has brought so much joy to our family with a side dish of crying. haha
The boys absolutely love her and her daddy is well lets just say she is getting her way already!  Peyton wants to kiss her all the time and Cy wants to help change diapers and bathe her. 
Maris' middle name is Hannah after our sweet niece who is twirling and dancing with Jesus now.  I pray Maris can have the impact on the world for Christ has Hannah's short life did.  May you go into the world and love them and care for them and help them see this amazing God we serve.  May you never be held down by the world and think it is a place to find security and hope.  May I always reassure you that you are a child of the King's of jewel made by God that is to be treasured and polished.  May I always remember that you are only ours for a time and never rush it by.  We love you sweet baby Maris!

 Our first family picture
 Already got him right where she wants him!
 Auntie M and Asher
 Maris got Cy a new dump truck!
 "let's count and make sure she has all her toes."
 "her hands are so tiny" :o)

 Poppy with his 6th grand youngin

 love them!
such a sweet view

Maris, you have so many people that love you and pray for you.  

de ja vu

For some reason I never came back and posted this but here ya go!

I am one blessed gal

sweet cy

me and my handsome hubby at a wedding

Peyton was a wiseman in his Christmas program

for some reason blogspot is not very user friendly right now...go figure when i have the time and can blog, it screws up. anyways, de ja vu bc i say it all the time but one day i will keep up with this more than once every 6 months. here is a random post of pics for you to feast your eyes on and there are lots more to come with words and narration :o)

not a year!

I didn't want to go a whole year before another post so I am only a few weeks shy!
A whole lot has happened in a whole year and I am not even going to try to catch you up but I will give you some photos of 3 of the cutest kids ever to look through.  This is a glimpse of a little bit of our summer...
 This is what Maris has done most of the summer...SLEEP!  haha
 We have swam a lot because the weather has been a little crazy HOTT!

 Not much to say about this one except well this is Cy
 My sweet nephew Asher that I wish we could see more often
 A sweet friend (who moved :o( I wish you all would stop moving!) made this for Maris. I thought the 4th of July was a good time to try it on.

 My precious 3!
 "Hey, mommy I have a good idea!  You can take a picture of me with my car!)
 Muddy construction at Nana's!

 This is a dress that I wore when I was a baby
 I love my time with this sweet family! Maria is such a mama and takes great care of Maris.  Sam is a lot like Cy and plays great with him and Peyton.

 swim lessons

Did I say what she did a lot this summer?  But isn't she just precious?!
We are closing out our summer with a trip to the beach next week.  Hopefully I will do a better job and capturing memories but this onel ittle girl has got my hands tied a little.
We always hate saying good bye to summer because it means daddy isn't around as much but we are looking forward to some fun new things these coming months.
We are buidling a house and should be moved in come November and Peyton is starting kindergarten!  Life is about to get crazy :o)

Saturday, August 20, 2011


so the boys stayed at mimi's last night and i get today to myself! time to do a little catching up..

friends and family have been begging for pictures so grab a diet coke (love you shanan) and some popcorn because you are getting what you asked for.

our summers are always packed full of fun and family time because it is the only time we are school free and work free so by golly we take advantage of it!


may means.....

lots of birthdays and schooooollllssss our for summma!

strawberry pickin with cousins and best friends...melissa, how are you guys not in any of my pics? i need to go to your blog and steal some of your pictures.

cy is getting a lesson on how to pick

so is peyton, who by the way was the best!

but this is what he would rather do...i think he ate more than we picked

Peyton turned 4! I had a hard time with this...he is gettign way too old! i tell him all the time to stop growing!

birthday boy wiping off all the yummy icing

I know what you are saying...'thats all from p's birthday?!' well melissa took some great ones and I need to once again go steal them from her!
But here it is Poppy's bday so we met up with him in Madison and ate lunch and of course yummy gelato!

3 of the men in my life....happy birthday poppy!

And my sweet sweet prince charming turned another year older in May but mr. no picture wouldnt let me document anything. May is crazy crazy!