Saturday, August 20, 2011


so the boys stayed at mimi's last night and i get today to myself! time to do a little catching up..

friends and family have been begging for pictures so grab a diet coke (love you shanan) and some popcorn because you are getting what you asked for.

our summers are always packed full of fun and family time because it is the only time we are school free and work free so by golly we take advantage of it!


may means.....

lots of birthdays and schooooollllssss our for summma!

strawberry pickin with cousins and best friends...melissa, how are you guys not in any of my pics? i need to go to your blog and steal some of your pictures.

cy is getting a lesson on how to pick

so is peyton, who by the way was the best!

but this is what he would rather do...i think he ate more than we picked

Peyton turned 4! I had a hard time with this...he is gettign way too old! i tell him all the time to stop growing!

birthday boy wiping off all the yummy icing

I know what you are saying...'thats all from p's birthday?!' well melissa took some great ones and I need to once again go steal them from her!
But here it is Poppy's bday so we met up with him in Madison and ate lunch and of course yummy gelato!

3 of the men in my life....happy birthday poppy!

And my sweet sweet prince charming turned another year older in May but mr. no picture wouldnt let me document anything. May is crazy crazy!

JUNE part 1

Summer finally came and as I type this it is gone, but here is how we enjoyed it! June was packed full, I mean full! Started with slumber nights, then West Palm Beach, summer baseball, and lots and LOTS of fun!

Mimi kept all 4 grankids and one thing they expect every time the sleep there....blueberry pancakes!

Then, Asher and Auntie M came!

Chris was asked to coach the underclassman Team Georgia so off to West Palm Beach we go for a week and a half! It was an experience to say the least...this city is not a family with kids city. We found ways to entertain like fountinas, Chick Fil A, the zoo and of course the beach! So proud of my handsome hubby for working hard and others seeing the difference and ranking him among the top!
We can't go anywhere with out visiting the zoo.....

All in the world is right....

These are the days of my life....and I love em!

A glance into the future

the best part of the zoo according to p....the fountain in the middle!

it was soooooooo hot there!

he didn't care much about the fountain...he wanted food

I know it is packed full of pictures but go on to part 2....

JUNE part 2

So proud of our Peyton, Karate warrior! He graduated in to the next level belt...

Mimi got a hold of his hair

kicking his board in half!

taking off yellow stripe to become.....

an orange stripe belt!

way to go P!!!


Water slides at Warren!

boy loves watermelon

Our summer started off great! packed full of adeventures! we love summers because it means more time with chris and lots and lots of water adventures!