Saturday, August 20, 2011

a new tradition...

Wilkins family vaca!

The only problem...I didn't take many pictures :o(

We went to Edisto with Chris' folks, his brother and his wife and 2 kiddos. C's momma, Mimi, is great! She let us come and go as we pleased and played with the kids while we went running, dating, beaching...whatever we wanted!

sweet brothers playing the motorcycle race game!

The only form of entertainment at Edisto is a serpentarium. Well with 3 kid boys and Abby who likes anything the older boys like, that's where we went! It is disgusting haha! A house full of snakes and alligators everywhere you turn! We got there just in time for the allligators to eat lunch....

Look mama, I am grown!

Poor Chris was recovering from dehyradtion and heat exhaustion.

Manny, sweet Manny

waiting for their raw chicken

attempt one....

attempt 2

Did I mention it was SUPERRRR HOT!

The rest of the week we played on the beach everyday and rode waves, built tide pools and didn't look at our clocks! It was so nice! I will be better with the camera next time.

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Shanan said...

What fun! Is that a onesie I see Cy wearing! He's adorable!!!!