Saturday, August 20, 2011

may means.....

lots of birthdays and schooooollllssss our for summma!

strawberry pickin with cousins and best friends...melissa, how are you guys not in any of my pics? i need to go to your blog and steal some of your pictures.

cy is getting a lesson on how to pick

so is peyton, who by the way was the best!

but this is what he would rather do...i think he ate more than we picked

Peyton turned 4! I had a hard time with this...he is gettign way too old! i tell him all the time to stop growing!

birthday boy wiping off all the yummy icing

I know what you are saying...'thats all from p's birthday?!' well melissa took some great ones and I need to once again go steal them from her!
But here it is Poppy's bday so we met up with him in Madison and ate lunch and of course yummy gelato!

3 of the men in my life....happy birthday poppy!

And my sweet sweet prince charming turned another year older in May but mr. no picture wouldnt let me document anything. May is crazy crazy!

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