Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have a couple of friends that do AMAZING work as photographers. Haley does such a great job at marketing herself. Check her site out and see her new fun idea for expanding her network! Haley has done a couple of shoots for us and she is gifted! I can't wait to get another time with her. Family photos are just a treasure for us and I enjoy going back and looking to see how much we have changed. She does a great job with capturing moments and expressions. I will post a few of our photos soon. Thanks Haley! I pray you continue to give Him the glory for such a great gift he has blessed you with!
Kim is the other friend that does great work. We have never had the opportunity to see her in action, but her blog displays her great gift. Our husbands went to high school and college together and now they are back in Augusta and we are so glad! She has a precious little 3 year old that loves to get his picture taken.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is in the AIR!

I love Spring! Fall is my favorite season but Spring comes in a close tie. Spring means baseball games, warm weather, playing outside without a jacket, ice cream, Summer is near, school is almost out, Masters week=Spring break....
I have enjoyed being at baseball games without 4 layers and bundled up in blankets. Peyton is a happier child without freezing cold hands and snot running down his poor little face.
I did yard work Sunday while my exhausted child look a 4 hour nap! It felt so good to be out in the sunshine. I hope I didn't blind any of our neighbors with my pale white skin. We are trying to get curb appeal with selling our house, but on a very cheap budget!
So baseball is our life right now! I have mentioned it now maybe 3 times within this short post already. Our friend, Riki, calls this time March Madness. Her husband also coaches so we live this season together. There are an average of 3 games a week, some out of town near Atlanta. It has been a fun season with Chris being at a new school. There are some great families out there and I look forward to getting to know them even more. God is doing amazing things out there. I am encouraged as the Lord uses Chris in ways that bring God glory. One player accepted Christ a few weeks ago and Chris has been able to encourage other players with scripture. I love my husband and pray he will continue to submit to God's plan/will for his life. The time Peyton and I spend missing him is worth it when he comes home with stories of our answered prayers. I am ready for Spring Break though! Several days in a row that I get to see him without basbeall or work!
HAPPY SPRING! I hope you all are enjoying it as much as we are!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cupcaking and Dating!

ok so my friend has me obsessed with cupcakes! she shared her desire with me about wanting to open a cupcake shop. how fun would that be?! i now find myself looking at blogs about cupcakes and looking online for decorating ideas. i have several of these blogs on the right over there listed. i can't wait to make peyton's birthday cupcakes. i am thinking about maybe a train cupcake cake or even animals or a firetruck....oh gosh too many fun ideas to narrow down. sprinkles, here we come nicole!
another friend (i just have so many) told me about this date experiment. you gotta try it. i t sounds like such a great idea! dating your husband!? who would have thunk it? just kidding. it is so essential to date your spouse. he/she needs to know you still get butterflies and you want to be around them. at least that is how i am. ok gushy wushy....i love my husband! he is amazing. he works so hard to provide for our family and i just admire him. he loves me and cherishes me and tells me. i could love about him more and more, but i know you are probably gagging right now. so i will save you. anyways, i am hoping to try to sugestion riki, thanks!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Selling of a House

So, we have been fixing up our house and doing all that jazz that is necessary before you put your house on the market and it is about to exhaust me. Anyone want to buy a cute well kept home? In case you didn't know, we are trying to move closer to Chris' work...Greenbrier High School. He is on the road an hour or so too long.
I have taken some of my friend's fun craft ideas to try and spruce up the empty walls. We shall see if all the extra effort pays off.
It has been raining for like 50 days and this dreary weather has got me dreary. Cold and wet...I don't do. I am ready for the sunshine to come back out! Everything is just better with the sunshine...I am happier and more motivated, Peyton is happier because he can go play, Chris' team can practice outside, flowers bloom, birds tweet (as P would say). AND poeple are more interested in buying homes! Ok, can you tell I am ready for Spring to get here?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Starting Over!

We are going to try this again! I know it has been about 5 months since I last posted on P's blog, but I am going to start over with a blog about the whole family. I keep up with several of your blogs and love the craft and cooking advice and just the short posts about your day. No, I am not going to promise to write everyday or even every other day, but we will shoot for once a month :o)
Have fun reading my thoughts, our quirks, and enjoy our pictures! We are just a normal family trying to walk this journey and submitting to God's will for our lives.
In case you didn't catch it, will no longer be updated.
I am hoping to take time to figure out how to post more pictures and just make it more attractive to look at and follow. i am not computer savvy, so it will be interesting.