Monday, March 16, 2009

Selling of a House

So, we have been fixing up our house and doing all that jazz that is necessary before you put your house on the market and it is about to exhaust me. Anyone want to buy a cute well kept home? In case you didn't know, we are trying to move closer to Chris' work...Greenbrier High School. He is on the road an hour or so too long.
I have taken some of my friend's fun craft ideas to try and spruce up the empty walls. We shall see if all the extra effort pays off.
It has been raining for like 50 days and this dreary weather has got me dreary. Cold and wet...I don't do. I am ready for the sunshine to come back out! Everything is just better with the sunshine...I am happier and more motivated, Peyton is happier because he can go play, Chris' team can practice outside, flowers bloom, birds tweet (as P would say). AND poeple are more interested in buying homes! Ok, can you tell I am ready for Spring to get here?

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The Medlins said...

oh the joys of getting your house on the market!! ugh. i love that you are starting the new blog. keep it updated! i'll love reading yours. and thanks for the shout out. maybe one day we can have our own cupcake shop blog....start testing some recipes master baker...i'm serious! :-) love you.