Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have a couple of friends that do AMAZING work as photographers. Haley does such a great job at marketing herself. Check her site out and see her new fun idea for expanding her network! Haley has done a couple of shoots for us and she is gifted! I can't wait to get another time with her. Family photos are just a treasure for us and I enjoy going back and looking to see how much we have changed. She does a great job with capturing moments and expressions. I will post a few of our photos soon. Thanks Haley! I pray you continue to give Him the glory for such a great gift he has blessed you with!
Kim is the other friend that does great work. We have never had the opportunity to see her in action, but her blog displays her great gift. Our husbands went to high school and college together and now they are back in Augusta and we are so glad! She has a precious little 3 year old that loves to get his picture taken.


Shanan said...

Hey girl - love the blogging! Keep it up. Love you and hope you are having a great week.

Kimberly Kyle said...

Thanks for the plug. That was sweet of you! Maybe one day we can have a session together! I would love to see Peyton in action! :-)