Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cupcaking and Dating!

ok so my friend has me obsessed with cupcakes! she shared her desire with me about wanting to open a cupcake shop. how fun would that be?! i now find myself looking at blogs about cupcakes and looking online for decorating ideas. i have several of these blogs on the right over there listed. i can't wait to make peyton's birthday cupcakes. i am thinking about maybe a train cupcake cake or even animals or a firetruck....oh gosh too many fun ideas to narrow down. sprinkles, here we come nicole!
another friend (i just have so many) told me about this date experiment. you gotta try it. i t sounds like such a great idea! dating your husband!? who would have thunk it? just kidding. it is so essential to date your spouse. he/she needs to know you still get butterflies and you want to be around them. at least that is how i am. ok gushy wushy....i love my husband! he is amazing. he works so hard to provide for our family and i just admire him. he loves me and cherishes me and tells me. i could love about him more and more, but i know you are probably gagging right now. so i will save you. anyways, i am hoping to try to sugestion riki, thanks!!


The Medlins said...

oh...btw big apparently sprinkles is the name of a well known cupcake shop in beverly i'm thinking about "sugar" what do you think?

RandB said...

Ok, first of all. I also love the cupcake. In fact, I was just heard saying the other day, "Even the word 'cupcake' makes me happy." It's an obsession and sprinkles make them irresistable. So, when the cupcake shop is open, I promise to be a loyal customer!

And I'm so looking forward to hearing about your date! Hope that it is much fun!!!