Monday, January 25, 2010

the adventures in potty training

Yeah, so this is our 3rd week! Peyton has done great, which tells me he is ready! We have had to use many different techniques....m&ms, cookies, toilet targets, big potty/little potty, nakedness, pull-ups, thomas underwear, spankings, peeing outside. He likes to use his little potty and wants to be rewarded, I let him choose his reward. He likes m&ms or cookies. In the beginning he wanted those toilet targets but I think he got frustrated because he couldn't hit them so now he doesn't want anything in his potty. He is now to the point where he will tell me or Chris instead of trying to go every 30 mins, which ends up in a long drawn out stand off with lots of tears and yelling (done by both me and P). We are so proud of our big boy taking the next step of growing up. Next thing I know he will be going off to college :o(

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Hardy Baby said...

How great!!! Such a relief when they can go by themselves(almost) and no big diapers. HURRAY!!!
Happy for you guys.