Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We headed to Monroe for thanksgiving. My sister and bro in law do a big gathering with his family and our family. The kids played and the guys fried turkeys....

Apparently it takes 4 to carve a fried turkey....

Oh, maybe because it was burnt...AGAIN! Two years and going strong Tony!

turkey heads

Cy had a second birthday party because the Wilkins' side missed his big Dr. Suess production

his first twinkie

We went and cut down our tree this year and it is a new tradition.
We had so much fun!

my handsome boy

love these times

LOVE this kid!

There's our beauty!


Someone shared that they like to do this picture every year to see how much their kids have grown so we decided to join in!

Nope, they didn't sell any alcohol there, I just look like I have been drinking

He would make such a cute elf!

November was such a fast month!

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Hardy Family said...

Love that you updated. I know that it is hard to find the time. I actually had my first strange craving today TWINKIES. loved that cy had one also.