Wednesday, December 23, 2009

5 weeks old

Today our little Cy is 5 weeks old. His new name is chunky monkey, well Chris changed his name to C(r)y. At his one month check up, Cy weighed in at 10lbs and 21 3/4in!!!!!! He has grown so much. We saw a different doctor because ours was not working. She told us we were feeding him too much, too often. Well, we tried what she said for a day. By night time it was out the window. He was just too hungry on his 'diet' and cried too much. He was a very content baby and then well Chris changed his name.
He is staying awake more now but just isn't content with trying to figure out entertaining himself. We are working on a good schedule and I think that has helped in at night time. He slept 6 hours, going 7 hours between feedings. I was excited because that meant 6 straight hours of sleep for me!
Peyton still loves his little brother. If he doesn't see him in the room he is in he asks where he is and if he can see him.

I can't wait for Christmas! It has been a fun season so far because we have the best gift of all...Cy! Although we have been stuck in the house lately, we have tried to fill our days with fun. We decorated our tree, watched Polar Express (50 times!), had my nephew (Manny) over, one night we even went to Light of the South. Peyton LOVED it! I am amazed at all the work that goes into that place to turn it into a playground of lights. Unfortunately we weren't there long enough to get any pictures, my in-laws are not picture people and I am so maybe next time.
It is very different having a winter baby. Peyton was a May baby and so he was naked most of his days, but Cy has to be bundled up or we just don't leave the house if it is too cold.
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! We are trying to figure out what traditions we want to continue or start now that our family is growing. If you have any suggestions, please leave them.


RandB said...

Love those cute boys!!

Hardy Baby said...

Glad you all are doing well, chunky babies are great. babies eat when they need to. Have a wonderful Christmas.