Friday, May 14, 2010

catch up....

I feel like that is all I have been doing lately...catching up! Oh well.

Life has been so busy, but that is how it goes and I am ok with that, but that is why I have not posted anything in a LONG time. A sweet friend reminded me the other day that I have a blog, thanks Shan!
Someone gave us a cute Greenbrier outfit for Cy so I had a little photo session with him in it.

Chris had a game back in March (yes I know March) in Gwinnettt and nearby there was a really cool playground. We had a lot of time to waste until the game started so that's where we went and guess who was able to meet us....AUNTIE M AND ASHER!

There is also an outdoor mall near the field and all along the sidewalk there is lots of statues. Well P wanted his picture taken with all of them!

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