Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lions, Tigers and Bears....At the Zoo!

Chris finally had a day off and we took full advantage of it! P LOVES animals so initially he LOVES the zoo! We went around twice to see certain animals again. We had so much fun! We enjoy those days off daddy!

This is the view I saw most of the day and I just love it, something about those bonding times that I just adore !

Last year he was afraid to get on these statues, but this year he didn't want to get off! He got on all of them.

This was fun, feeding the goats. P made us get several hand fulls of food so he could keep feeding the "hungry" goats.

Then we practiced good hygiene!

"Mommy, look at those funny monkeys!"

Cy's first experience of the zoo looked like this

My 3 boys, I can't get enough of them!

This dinosaur says, "ROAR!"

And of course we had to leave with a friend!

Thanks for the day off! Let's do it again REAL soon!


Shanan said...

What fun family time! Our boys always insist on bringing a friend home too but I try hard not to give in:) Your three boys are the cutest monkeys ever.

Kathy said...

Sweet pics Reba! BJ and I seriously need to take the boys to the zoo! I know they would love it!