Friday, August 13, 2010


WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone still out there?!

The internet has been in and out at home so I have not been able to update this. My sweet sister in law offered to watch Cy and my bro in law has I am at Panera BY MYSELF! AHHH what to do!
There is so so so much to catch up on, so don't expect all of our summer today. We have been everywhere and done so much that it might be best to let the pictures tell the stories and then hopefully I can get back to updating regularly.
Some quick things to catch you up though...
Cy is now a week from being 9 MONTHS! WOW, time flies! He is crawling everywhere and still such a joy! He loves his big brother and no one can make him happy and laugh like P can! He eats EVERYTHING....the boy loves food! He is pulling up on certain things, but has not moved to cruising yet. I might have already said this, but he has been labeled as the pistol of the family. He is very content and easy until he wants something and in an instant he is ticked off. Haha.
Peyton is 3 and learning to communicate his emotions AKA talking back, melt downs, disobedience. We are working through it and I am definitely becoming a better mommy because of it. He is such a tender hearted sweet little boy though. He has such an imagination and I love to encourage it! It is so fun to hear him from the other room making up scenarios with his toys and doing role playing.
I love my sweet little boys!
School has started back=summer is over and daddy is gone :o( I just have to tell you though, my sweet hubby is the greatest. We are so proud of him for how hard he works to provide for us. We are called to live a life swimming up stream, against the current and he, only by the grace of our God, is pushing along and allowing God to mold and work in his life. He would be so mad if he read this because he does not like any recognition or attention, but honey....We love you and are so proud!
Ok y'all be patient with me. I am slowly but surely getting back.


Hardy Family said...

I am here and love to see when an update pops up.

Shanan said...

yea for updates!!! Thank you. I miss you girl. I cannot believe Cy is 9 months old. That is insane. G has become quite the fit throwing too. He is great at rolling all around on the floor. Reaching for me and then when I come to him he throws his face on the ground and say "noooo." Lovely. Although, still such a joy. My 3 year old still gets the best of me though as he learns to communicate his you put it. I wish I could have been at panera with you. Miss you girl!