Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going to the chapel and....

Peyton was in a wedding!
Back in June some friends got married in Commerce and asked P to be in their wedding. It was so fun seeing him dressed up and eat up all the attention. He did such a good job. Chris and I were worried he would freeze up when he saw all the people at the ceremony and not want to walk down the aisle...he surprised us and RAN down the aisle. Brad and Karen were so sweet and so laid back to whole weekend. When we showed up to the rehearsal they had bought Peyton a toy golf set and a Thomas the train bubble maker- they know the way to his heart! So from the start Peyton was wide open! They wanted their ceremony to be as personal and easy as it could be. So, Karen said, "Peyton, I want you to run down the aisle. I want to see how fast you can make it to Mr. Brad!" Well, that's exactly what he did! I sat at the front and Chris stayed in the back, counted 1-2-3 and off he went, straight to Brad. He didn't last long stand up there once he saw me sitting in the front aisle, but I was so proud of him!
Poppy (my dad) lived in Commerce at the time and brought his bday present...Bike helmet to match his bike!

Waiting to take pictures with the groom and the groomsmen

This is Brad and Karen, sweet couple!

Now for the reception....Peyton broke it down! Karen's sister in law, Lauren was so great with Peyton. She danced with him and he ate up every bit of attention from her. The guests made a circle and whoever would go to the middle and do their jig then leave. Well, P didn't give anyone a chance to do their jig because he didn't want to get out of the circle! The boy loves to dance, just like his mama! Sorry Brad and Karen for Peyton stealing your spotlight.

Thanks for letting us share in such a sweet communion of 2 sweet, loving friends!


City Grace said... if he isnt the best thing ever! i want to eat him!

Shanan said...

Man I miss that kid!!! What a cutie.