Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We went down to St. Simons a couple of weeks ago for FCA coaches/family camp and it was wonderful! We met many new fun friends from all over the state and got hit with the Bible from some great speaking.
Our friends, the Massey's, have been trying for a couple of years now to get us down there and this year God pulled through with providing our finances to go. I am so thankful they invested the time to convince us, knowing we NEEDED to be there. Chris was able to meet with like minded men who go through the same struggles coaching and I was able to hear from other coaches wives. We all brainstormed how we can support or sweet husbands more and help them instead of complain how they are gone too much.
We had free time everyday so we took advantage of it. One day we hit the beach and Peyton was so excited to go, but didn't love the water too much. Another day we went to the pool and he just wanted us to hold him the whole time instead of sit in his float. We also went to the pier where they have a yummy ice cream shop and a huge play area....I think this was his favorite free time day!

Here is Chris playing the cow bell. Our dear friend Bryce volunteered him!

I am not sure why some pictures are smaller but this is me and my sweet friend Riki. She and her husband, Bryce, are the ones that encouraged us to go.

I wish this was a bigger picture because it is so cute. Gehrig, Greer and Peyton are checking out the river behind our hotel.

I enjoyed our date night very much! Us and three other couples went to this oh so yummy place called Barbara Jean's and ate the best crab cakes I have ever put in my mouth! But while we were out there was a terrible storm that knocked the power out at camp so we had to pick up the kiddos early. We still had fun, Peyton jumped around in the puddles!

We were sad to leave, but we are refreshed for the next year and ready to serve in the manner God asks! Count us in next year and for the years to come Massey's!


City Grace said...

so fun! you look too cute!

Hardy Baby said...

So happy that you had such a great time and are renewed for a new year with God guiding the way. You both do so much for those "kids" in school.