Saturday, July 25, 2009


So, right now I am sitting at Panera with no where to be and no mess to clean and no one to tend to! Peyton went to his Nana's in Athens this week. We pick him up Sunday and boy am I excited! I know I know. I titled this freedom but I sure miss that rascal! It has been nice to get rest and go on a few dates with my handsome hubby, but I am ready for the noise and mess and joy to come back! Chris is out playing golf with some guys for a buddy's birthday and I am relaxing with no agenda.
A word on the growing belly....I am 22 weeks and UNCOMFORTABLE! I told C last night that I feel like this one is way more uncomfortable than P. I still have 17 more weeks to go and the no sleep has set in hardcore! BUT this pregnancy has been so easy, no complications and we are so very thankful! We just need to agree on a name for this new munchkin. We have a LONG list, but just cant quite pin one yet.
The summer is coming to an end very quickly, which means.....Chris is in school, our house is coming off the market, football games (college and high school) and no more traveling. The summer has flown by and I am sad. It has been an enjoyable one, but I am not ready for it to end. I have really loved seeing my sweet husband a lot more.
Well I think I am going to go across the way and look at baby stuff. You know, it never gets old!

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