Thursday, February 4, 2010

catch up....

playing catch up...i feel like that is my life...never on track, always playing catch up...oh well...

Brotherly love....nothing else like it!

It is a rough life being an infant....the picture below is Cy falling asleep while he was playing....TOUGH!

We celebrated 5 years in Jan.! I love you more now than when we said 'I do.' I can't believe how far the Lord has brought us in these years. He knew what He was doing when He brought us together that Halloween night years ago. You have loved me through thick and thin, when I am difficult to love you have showed me grace. My heart melts when I watch you love on our boys and I am so proud to stand beside you as you follow our dream of reaching these baseball players. I love you hubby shakes!!

Chris is very thoughtful in the gift giving area....I want quality time and he gives it! He surprised me with dinner at the Partridge in and The Wizard of Oz at the Bell! I love broadway!

Happy 5 years honey...looking forward to many more!

Krisal came south for a few weeks and took a few hours out of her time to come visit! She was meeting Cy for the first time and that boy snuggled with her! Sweet Maria and her mommy Nicole came over with them! We are secretly praying Maria and Peyton fall in love YEARS down the road!

watching TV
So as you can see from the last post that we are potty training, well we went to the store and P got to pick out any under roos he wanted. On the way home I heard him in the back taking out all of them and telling me what pictures was on every pair. By the way, if you know my son at all you know he picked out Lightening McQueen! Anyways, I then heard him laugh, so I looked in the mirror to see that! Oh how I love his humor!
This past weekend, the 2 boys and I went to visit my mom and sister. Chris was out of town and we needed to get out of the house!

Auntie M loving on Cy and Cy talking up a storm back.
My mom bought P these fireman rain boots for V-day. Uncle Joe thought it would be fun to change up his outfit...rolled up sleeves, pants tucked in, Peyton loves him so he was eating it all up! Oh yeah and it was maybe 830 or so at night and Uncle Joe was giving P some chocolate, got love the family!

My precious little snuggle bug on his Nana.
I could just eat those rolls up!

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City Grace said...

soo sweet! and, if peyton and maria don't pan out, we've still got a chance with cy..she can love a younger man!