Thursday, February 4, 2010


While I was visiting my sister this past weekend we did crafts, crafts and more crafts! Krissy and Nicole you would have been in craft heaven! Here are pictures of things we did and things we screwed up. It was our first time with many of these things, so they arent the best but I sure had fun and wish I had more time to do it. My sister has the best set up for it. She has one whole room well ok 2 whole rooms devoted to sewing and crafts. Her husband made her this huge craft table that is just great!
I made those to the left and made a 'coursage' tank below and my sister made the 'coursage' gray shirt.

my mom made this button below

my sister did this so cute ruffle shirt

I turned this rust color shirt into a scarf

I tried to make a cute ruffle shirt to the left, but it isnt so cute

I also did this 'coursage' shirt below
I have no idea what happened with these pictures. They placed themselves like this so it is kinda hard to follow. Here are some of the tutorials we used...
coursage tee here, but we altered it and cut out circles and kinda went with it
i want to try this next
and i cant find the one with the ruffle shirt but let me know if you are interested


City Grace said...

so cute!! 2 whole craft/sewing rooms????????? i am soo jealous!! tell mandy i'm movin in!

Shanan said...

what fun!!! Did you wear one of them this past weekend? One of them looked familiar:) I'm quite impressed. Martha Stewart better watch out for you!