Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy 3 months Litttle Man!!

Cy, you are such a joyous addition to our family! You are always smiling and jabbering about something. You sleep through the night and eat like a champ! Mommy loves the sleeping part. Your brother loves you and wants to make you happy and hold you when he can. God has blessed us beyond what we could imagine in a second child! Everyone that lays eyes on you describes you and pretty and beautiful and I don't mind because I agree. Anyone that is in the same room as you just adores you and soaks up the contagious smile you give them. You are just like your older brother in that you don't know a stranger, you give them all a smile!

Isn't he adorable!?

Our sumo wrestler in his cloth

"rock on mom!"

brother had to get in on tummy time

"mommy, take a picture of me now"

Cy, we love you and am so thankful the Lord would allow us to experience you and the joy you bring! Can't wait to see how He molds you into a man after His own heart!


Kathy said...

The pics of the boys are precious! What a joy!

Cooper Family said...

Thanks for your comment today! We are so excited! It looks like Cy is going to roll over any day if he hasn't already. Have a great weekend!