Monday, November 16, 2009

38 weeks!

So....I made it! I only have 2 more days. I have done a terrible job tracking this pregnancy for those of you that I don't see at leats once a week. You have begged for belly shots and I just haven't done it. Honestly, I forgot! Well, and I don't want my big belly displayed every week either...haha.

Chris and I went out for our 'last night' Saturday night. Some friends were turning thirty and they threw themsleves a birthday party. It brought back memories of good ole Gc&SU! yes, Krisal the dancing from GC&SU. It is so funny to think back and realize the things we did, we were so crazy and just didn't give a care who was watching. I of course, did not dance around and bounce Cy but I enjoyed watching and visiting with a sweet friend and sister-in-law! Our husbands I think had the most fun with catching up and talking like girls.

Here are some pictures I remembered to take. Hopefully you can see why wonderful round fully big belly. It was dark so Krissy had a hard time seeing what she was getting. And yes Krisal this is mostly for you ;o)


Kristal said...

You are absolutely gorgeous Reba! I'm excited for baby Cy to come out and meet the world. You're the perfect mom for 3 boys and I'm glad I got to help you learn some patience as you prepared for this. Love you girl and thanks for posting pics, you really are beautiful!

RandB said...

You look beautiful!