Monday, November 2, 2009


So I was asking a friend who is the craft queen what I should make for a little girl that was turning two and she gave me tons of great ideas! I finally decided on this!
I had so much fun making it and I had a great helper and model. Here are the steps in pictures...

Ok so the model didn't really care to be in it and I hope his daddy doesn't see this but he is about the same size as the little girl we were giving it to. I will have to get a picture of her in it and post it. It sure was fun making girlie things! Happy Birthday Greer! Hope you liked your tutu!

Another crafty project is something for baby Cy's room. His room doesn't have much of a theme, just colors. I have seen the idea of framing scrapbook paper and also monogramming in frames but I don't remember specifically which blog I have seen it. It seems to be the 'thing' to decorate with right now. I was so excited about making this that I forgot to get a before picture of the old frame I used. Chris picked it up from the art dept at school. I spray painted and them just added some fun scrap booking paper and cut out a W. I don't really like how plain it look with one random black bold W but once Cy gets here I am going to add pictures of him and our family. Here is the project so far and some more pictures of the sweet little boys room.

This is something my sister gave me and I LOVE it! She is also very crafty!

So Cy's room is all ready for him to use it! Only 2 more weeks until he arrives!


Karen and Russ Ayers said...

Cy's room looks great...I love the paintings!

RandB said...

I'll email you a pic of Greer in her tutu on Saturday! We got SOOO many compliments! It took us awhile to convince her it was a tutu and not a puppy (?), but once she put it on, she started dancing and spinning around like a princess. Thank you!!! We love it!

City Grace said...

i love it all!!! can't wait to meet that little bundle of cuteness!

Shanan said...

you are so creative! It won't be long before we are holding that little one! Love the tutu - I haven't seen one with pearls and other things on them!