Monday, November 2, 2009

Random catching up........

wow...that picture is terrible!

HAHA...that first picture makes me laugh. It looks like I was making P take the picture but I was not holding him against his will. I know the date says months ago but did anyone else ever do this when you were little on a rainy day. It was one of those days that rained ALL day long for a couple of days so we camped out inside. Peyton LOVED it!

He is a big boy now! Peyton has been in a big boy bed for a few months now and he loves it! He calls it his Thomas bed because of the bedding. We took him to the store and let him pick out whatever bedding he wanted and I think that was the trick for him. We needed the crib for Cy so we wanted to give Peyton as much time as possible to get rid of his attachment to it before he saw his little brother using it.

We went to Greenwood! Peyton and I took a day trip up to Greenwood, which is only about an hour from here, to visit a sweet friend from college. Peyton instantly bonded with her and I never doubted he would. She has such a sweet loving demeanor. I have really missed seeing her so I was glad we finally found a day to visit. She is living up there while her husband finishes his fellowship/residency whatever that lingo is for med school. I keeping hoping she is going to tell me that when he is done they are moving back to Augusta, but we shall see.

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