Monday, November 23, 2009

He has arrived!

39 weeks- it's go time!

Well, Cy came Wednesday at 1039am weighing 7lbs 7oz and 21 inches long! The dr was worried the last few weeks of my pregnancy about how small Cy measuring, well he blew us all away! My belly was smaller with Cy than with Peyton, but Cy was bigger. We had many sweet visitors at the hospital and the care was great!

Waiting to go to the OR

Proud daddy

7lbs 7oz 21 inches
My sister
My mom - Nana

My dad and step mom- Poppy and PG

In-laws- Papa and Mimi

Sister-in-law- Aunt Krissy
Papa, Chris, Uncle Glenn- Chris' brother

Cy has been a great baby, eats and sleeps and only cries to let us know he is hungry. I am sure it has a lot to do with our attitude and not being stressed out trying to figure out what to do with him and he doesn't seem to have any stomach issues like his brother did.

Speaking of his brother...Peyton has been so sweet! He talks to 'his baby Cy' as he calls him and loves on him and kisses him. Peyton doesn't seem to dislike him or us, I can see him being more attached to Chris right now, but that is understandable. I am dealing more with the baby so he wants his daddy's attention. Peyton will still come and lay on me and hug me, which I love and am glad he doesn't resent me for bringing this baby home.

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