Monday, April 20, 2009


So I have been checking out a bunch of craft blogs and I am itching to try so many fun things. My sweet husband would kill me if I turned our house that we are trying to sell into a crafty mess and my budget is stopping me, BUT once we move I will have to try a few of these to decorate! At least that will be my excuse!
Here are a few blogs I have been browsing:
So I found this fun blog of secret recipes and I found how to make Girl Scout cookies!! There is all kinds of restaurant secrets on there! Check it out!
This is a cute Diaper Bag.
A few weeks ago a friend emailed me a coupon to get a nursing cover but here you can make your own!
And this one is full of all kinds of stuff. I can't wait to try the photo blocks as g-parent presents.
I am wasting such precious time on here, but what else am I going to do at work haha!

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