Thursday, April 30, 2009

So much Going on!

Gosh, there has been so much going on lately. Why with pretty weather comes busy schedules? Peyton turns 2 next Friday and we are having his party this Sunday. It is ALL about trains! I can't wait to post pictures of his cake I am making. Well, I will only post them if it turns out good.
We are still trying to get someone to put our house on the market. A lot has happened with that situation. I have become a little discouraged, but I have to remember His timing is prefect and His plan is better than anything I could do myself.
This is the last week of regular season baseball games! This means I will see my hubby more!
I think I have the sweetest boy in the whole wide world. He is into this thing that he wants to hug all the time. Yesterday we were driving in the car and just started saying, "Hug, hug!" so I stuck my hand back there and hugged my hand. He is such a mess but he is starting to show affection on his own and I just love it! I eat him up for it!

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